Blood Pressure, Made Simple

ViCardio is the worlds first pain-free, discreet, accurate, beat to beat wearable blood pressure monitor.

Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

The ViCardio device contains unique Tarilian Laser Technologies' sensor, which has 37 worldwide patents. The optical biosensor subtly detects biological signals to accurately monitor blood pressure.

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    Beat to Beat Measurement

    Beat to beat variation in blood pressure is an important marker as to the overall health of your heart and circulatory system

  • Accurate

    ViCardio is the only wearable blood pressure monitor that is anticipated to be as accurate as invasive arterial monitoring

  • Discreet & Comfortable

    Our sleek and modern design delivers style as well as substance. No constriction of the artery is required, removing any discomfort

  • In-App Monitoring

    ViCardio gives you on the go monitoring on iOS and Android through our simple, intuitive accompanying app

Tarilian Sapphire Sensor
Why Beat to Beat Measurement?

Over and above the benefits of ViCardio in being comfortable, discreet and accurate, the greatest revolution that ViCardio brings is the ability to measure regular beat to beat blood pressure.

ViCardio wins Treble Awards

Innovative MedTech company Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT) and its newly formed consumer division ViCardio Ltd have been recognised at three prestigious events.


Available for Pre-Ordering June/July 2018

  • In-App Monitoring

    The accompanying ViCardio app gives you an engaging, informative live readout of your beat to beat blood pressure measurements.

    Turn your data into actions

  • Actionable Data

    The app provides daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly data breakdowns. This quality data and accurate diagnostics can lead to an improved lifestyle and more effective drug management

    Share information with the right people

  • Shareable Information

    The ViCardio app facilitates quick and easy data sharing to allow you to easily share your blood pressure monitoring with your healthcare provider.